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Отзывы и впечатления

My lovely place

I live in society, and this society develops year by year, day by day, hour by hour and even second by second. Thus, the world changes with mad super- high- speed. And it goes without saying, that everyday there is something new in my life. However, these fast changes, which bring many new things to life, drive me crazy. That's why, it's a great pleasure to return to something familiar, something that I have known for a long time.

Every year I read lots of books, every day I go to many places, every hour I meet a lot of people, every second I hear different sounds. Sometimes I even don't notice things- they run past, not touching me. BUT, I am very abnormal, a sort of an alien, a being from another planet, therefore I am able to pay heed and to note only unusual things, the things, that can be observed only by such "green little human beings from the Happy Planet" and childish children as I am. Hence, if I notice something, it means, that this very "something" isn't seen by ordinary inhabitants of the earth planet… Something magic, fairy, fantastic, improbable, wonderful, heavenly, celestial…

… My lovely place… Sosnovij Bor… It is The Sweetheart Planet! It is alluring, charming world! What can be better? Nothing!! I am absolutely sure. I've been there a few times- every pine, every path and every star on the dark & endless sky are familiar to me. SO MANY recollections are connected with this place: I meet The Sun in early mornings, I watch this bright & shining Orange and The Fleecy Clouds in the reverberation of the narrow artery- The River, that has the proud name- Kirgach. How majestic it sounds!!! I walk among The Pines, I speak with them, I ask them aching questions, they, keeping silence, give the answers to me. In evenings I tell The crimson Grapefruit goodbye- see you tomorrow, my honey. In nights I yearn with The blue- yellow Moon… So, as you see I have a lot of dear friends in this Fantastic Punnet of beauty of the Nature World! It is impossible to find such a piece of wonder in the whole universe. Every time, when I return there, The Pines begin smiling and I feel such a bliss… I can hardly put my emotions into words, I even can't find suitable letters… BUT, when I arrive there, The River begins to flow with mad speed of light, mercilessly taking away the precious time, the time of freedom, but generously rewarding me with reminiscences…


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